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Message from Tree

August 15, 2009
Seven Sisters sitting0964WM492

TreeGirl with Seven Sisters Baobab in Botswana

What an old Grandmother Madrone once told me…

“All the circumstances of life that put holes in me, bend me in drastic ways, make me veer far to the right or left, or put big knots in my bark… These are all aspects you see in me as beautiful, as special, as noteworthy…

And so it is with you!”

I wanted to start out my blog with this message from a tree I sat with on May 24, 2008.  It is a powerful message to help us reframe our relationship with the situations in our life.   What challenges us in life, molds us if we let it, and forms the foundation of our self esteem.  How we rise up to meet these challenges determines how we carry ourselves in the world and creates our medicine, our gifts we bring to the world. It is this strength of spirit that has helped form my own unique offerings.

I pay a great deal of attention to the times in which I stray from my pure self and the manner in which I sit squarely in alignment with myself and the rest of life. In fact, it is in sitting with the tension between these two very different places, in facing my own fears and layers of despair, that I have had my greatest learning adventures and experienced my most meaningful transformations. These moments of imperfection are precisely what led me to discover the most integral life-changing traditions in my life, which I bring to others in my healing practice, Vibrant Traditions.  It brings me great fulfillment to share what I have learned and I am happiest when I am helping others.

Thank you for reading and being part of my community.
The photograph is the artwork of TreeGirl, an environmental artist and sustainability/permaculture educator.  Check out her website at