The Power that We Are

The plaque on The Witches Stone reads, “From Cluny Hill witches were rolled in stout barrels through which spikes were driven. Where the barrels stopped they were burned with their mangled contents. This stone marks the spot of one such burning”.

This poem, entitled, The Power that We Are, started bubbling up inside of me upon experiencing the power of the elements in Scotland and witnessing The Witches Stone in Forres Scotland.  I hope you are inspired by it.


Of this I am certain:

We are made of salt and earth,

Our bones of rock and stone,

Our breath of gentle breeze and gale force wind. 

We have the rooted strength of the Scots Pine capable of holding ALL our twisting and branching.

Snowflake shaped water crystals run through our veins every second. 

Moonlight shines into our pores

Fire lives in our bellies: blooming loving passion, butterfly dance, molten lava.

We are made of stardust

We are at the same time both young and ancient

We carry cellular memory of growing legs, coming up out of the drying seas and taking the very first step onto land.

The power that we are

The power and magic of the whole living world inside of us

Is chillingly,

Too often

A witch

That we burn at the stake.

Why do we fear the magnificence of others?

Why do we fear our own bright shiny light?

Perhaps if we burn ourselves first, before giving others a chance,

Then we will not have to experience the pain

That we have had to endure over thousands of years.

Lifetime after lifetime.


If we stop and breathe

And in our one hand, hold all of our own and the world’s strength and fortitude

And in the other, all of our own, each other’s and the worlds’ brokenness and vulnerability.

And we place them both – gently, lovingly, reverently inside our hearts

And we breathe

And we breathe

And we breathe

And feel

And care

And pay attention

Then let our power be these forces that are simply within each of us already.

Let us generate one thousand years of healing for every cell inside us,

Let us radiate this medicine out into the world.

Let us allow the whole world to live inside of us and through us.

And let us step up and give shape to that world.

Step up and give shape to OUR world.

–Diane Osborne


One Response to “The Power that We Are”

  1. Jason R Says:

    A beautiful, powerful poem, Diane!

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