Only two more days until “a deal is signed”


This is another update from my friend who is in Copenhagen.  She includes some great sources to see what is actually happening since our main news media is not covering it accurately.  She also describes in a nutshell what is being proposed.  Please distribute this post widely about what is REALLY going on there.  We must pay attention, stay alert – so much is at stake.

Please note that a protest and vigil at the Danish Consulate will be held this Friday, December 18th at 4:30.  One California St, at Market St. (Embarcadero BART), San Francisco.  Bring candles and friends.

Dear all,
Firstly, let me tell you with relief that I am safe and sound, warm and dry at the home of a lovely Danish family who are kindly hosting me during my stay here.
I am safe, and have been pretty much all day (except when things got really out of hand) because I wore a fluo top announcing myself as interpreter. That, and feeling that I was not alone and that the work to be done was part of my Shambala Warrior mission, allowed me to support others and at one point negotiate with the police so that they would back down and stop the brutal violence they were displaying on totally peaceful protesters. It worked, and we were able to hold a People’s Assembly – not in the Bella Centre as we had intended, but outside on the road, which was a model of self-organising, horizontal meeting and exchange methods.
I want to thank you for all your messages of support. I have felt truly accompanied by you on this very difficult, gruelling day. But I am not done for tonight until I send out this information, as we are in a state of urgency, and with only two more days to go before all activists here return to our countries and “a deal is signed”, there is much at stake.
About the demo today: 4,000 people from the North and from the South, of all ages and social conditions, of all colours of the rainbow… samba players.. an army of clowns… we marched and were active in freezing temperatures and snow for 9 hours, we were totally peaceful from beginning to end, we protected each other, we united our voices… 
We were beaten, pepper-sprayed, thrown around, arrested, terrorised with dogs… and I am humbled at the bravery that people showed all the way through.
Here is a link to some of the hardest moments of the day, to show you the level of courage and peaceful stance that people offered in all our names:
Around 400 people have been arrested today… added to key people of the movement who have been arrested over the last days and who will appear before Danish judges tomorrow morning in closed sessions… Perhaps some more people who have stepped up today will also be taken… but the movement is growing stronger and more united as we realise that “they” are scared, because we are speaking truths that are truly inconvenient, and the only thing they can resort to is violence, unjustified arrests, confiscating materials (we had to carry out the whole action having lost the truck that had the better sound system and without the army of cyclists who were meant to protect us by surrounding us)… They need to silence us, our voices are too dangerous to their dirty intentions.
Meanwhile, inside the Bella Center, 300 delegates (out of the very few from civil society who were even allowed in today) marched all around the inside of  Bella Centre shouting slogans and then marched out from inside to join us outside for the People’s Assembly. The police promised they would allow them to do so… and then beat them up and gassed them!!! Here is another short vid:
A huge achievement was made inside also by 2 delegates who, in the middle of the main plenary session of the morning, jumped up, grabbed the microphone and shouted that the talks are hijacked by the corporations, that we need real solutions to real problems, and a bunch of other messages… and guess what! A good deal of the people there clapped for ages!!! They may be working for governments and corporations that issue them mandates, but they are also personally disgusted!!!
For a ten minute explanation going a bit further into the day and the reasons behind it, watch the very excellent Democracy Now on this link:
Regarding democracy… they have picked up activists here and there, arresting them for no reason and “disappearing” them – people have been picked up by police from the places where they are staying, from the demos or from the street in broad daylight, and some are still missing. Is this what “democracy” now looks like??
Here is another site with lots of detail and accounts that are being done by a couple of lovely Canadian ladies who marched next to me today:
Regarding the negotiations, and with the activists safely out of the way (those who were accredited and who protested today will not be allowed back in), they have done some of the worst things they could possibly do – they have included agriculture and forestry into the deal by:
  • establishing that the carbon emission limitation strategy will focus on carbon sequestration, including specifically three things: no-till industrial agriculture with OGMs, biochar and biomass
  • proposing that monoculture “forests” be considered as carbon sinks: that means that palm oil or jatropha monoculture plantations will be subsidized AND be given carbon credits!
  • 70% of the planned “reductions” in emissions will come from projects carried out in the South (eg. monoculture forests, agrofuels or GM crops)
  • new “renewable” energies will be promoted as Clean Develpment Mechanisms (CDMs, which means permits and subsidies): “clean” coal, biochar and biomass, and no-till soya
(the following is a great resource for detailed info about the perils of these approaches: – but in a nutshell as an expert here has put it: “converting the global biosphere into mono-plantations is a short-cut to suicide”)
Plus all of these plans would cause appropriation of more than 1.5 billion hectares of mainly indigenous and peasant land all over the world… 1.5 times the size of India!!! In the name of protecting the climate!
They have hijacked the talks, and two days before Obama arrives and everyone is pressured to “sign the deal” (and with civil society pretty much out of the talks completely and poor countries being bullied and silenced) they have introduced the measures that experts and civil society have been trying to fight off for months and years!!!
Friends, I ask you to send this out, blog it, Facebook it…. The hundreds of activists who are organising the actions are planning the next couple of days, and although we are tired and we are fewer as the days go by, we are determined…. and the world’s support is crucial. “They” need to be told that we are awake and we can see through their lies!
Actions in the streets and especially information in the media of other countries are very important. Also very important to us here on the ground is support to those detained, so thanks for calling your Danish embassies to those who have (Canada is already writing a draft to include all the complaints they have received – Amanda, you rock!). This kind of policing and silencing is what we can expect in the future everywhere if we do not demand a firm stop to it NOW. Let the Danish and also your own governments know that you are aware of what is going on here to activists, that you condemn the unjustified arrests and that you demand that all people are freed and charges dropped (like “attacking a police officer” or “inciting violence”, which are serious crimes here).
Wishing you were all here, and knowing that you are in spirit, I say goodnight – and be awake when you are not sleeping!

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