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Remember who you are – a love poem for myself

February 14, 2010

I realize I am the cedar wood log there – rich and damp with the tide of life.  I want to know her much more deeply.  I am that wet twisting log with knots and curls and concentric circles – layer upon layer – each year building my sense of every curve, every craig, every place where I have been torn.  These forgotten scars buried in the deep wood of my heart polished and molded by life’s experiences. In this moment, I am the lover. I am the healer.  I am the beloved I have been waiting for… I am the object of my lust, my love, my defiance, my pain, my anger, my forgiveness, my freedom. 

 And so I deliciously devour myself… and it is like coming home… and I cannot get enough.  I remember now those moments I gave my love so freely with this beautiful body to those who would not know the depth of me – all the love my body can yield.  And I think, Diane, you are a living goddess through and through.  Carrying the collective feminine in your belly, you take it to bed, birth it, transform it, release it, you never give up. You still love immeasurably the whole universe germinating inside of you.

 I fall deeper and deeper in love with myself like falling into a huge bed of leaves with no ground.  Caught somewhere between heaven and earth, I hear the caressing whisper, “You are a most beloved divine pure being. You are made out of the waters of the heavens and the breath of angels.  You were such joy – a bright shiny beach ball – we laughed and played with until you floated away to your birth.  And that is the truth of how you came into this world, and that is the truth of your soul. Now you know who you are. Remember who you are… remember who you are”.