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What Americans can learn from the Egyptians

January 30, 2011

Egyptian Uprising Jan 25, 2011

Quote from a head of a major agribusiness corporation:

 “What limits all so-called spiritual seekers and activists that I meet is that they both shy away from the full realization of the power of the dark.  The seekers I meet are, frankly, bliss bunnies.  About as useful in the real world as a rubber ball would be in a war.  The activists I know enjoy denouncing others but aren’t at all in the business of unmasking their own destructiveness, or the self-destructiveness of their dreary and banal self-righteousness.  The bliss-bunny hood of seekers and the offensive self-righteousness of activists make it very easy for people like me to control the world”.  (Andrew Harvey, The Hope, p. 174-5) 

This exact quote has been my primary motivation ever since I read it for the first time one year ago. I was catalyzed by this statement because I resonate with both categories: the spiritual bliss bunny – happily naive about the world as well as the self-righteous activist – with fingers pointing outward.  I was alarmed to learn that someone smarter than me actually counted on these reactions to help them achieve their destructive goal. Even more alarming was that the more I looked around me at what people were doing to create change, the more I saw people falling into these two categories, being manipulated and helping the very paradigm they are against. Our ability to deny what is happening in the world has reached epic pathological proportions. We are in one of the most important periods of history and most of us are not paying attention because it upsets our comfort level. For instance, most of us here in the US, have no idea the levels of torture the Egyptians face, that “Made in USA” is written on every tear gas canister fired, and that our government knowingly supports with generous financial incentives, a regime that makes the Mafia look like a walk in the park.

 So I say to all of you bliss bunnies out there and to all of you activists: authentic hope can only come from having faced with full realization the capacity the dark has to bring us to our knees.  Feeling our fragility, allowing our hearts to break and surrendering to healing is what guides us to our strength and ultimately to deeper love.  Egypt has won our hearts right now because they comprehend this in their very bones.  They have found a way to bring their anger and mix it with their love – this is the fierce passion we are falling in love with. Their connection to their courage is pure because they no longer empower that external force, and instead they have used it to transform themselves in embracing the part inside that is unbreakable. The pureness of this act is contagious, firing inspiration in each other and in all of us.

When we are not fully aware of what is happening around us, then we cannot create true spiritual peace, nor can we ever rise up in a way effective enough to create true change.  We have officially surrendered any responsibility, we don’t need to take personal or collective action, and therefore we have rendered ourselves completely impotent.  There is much change happening in our world right now.  It is an exciting time to be alive.  In what ways can you open your eyes to the truth in our world more than you have?  In what way can you find that empowered place within that knows how to plant, grow, and nurture the seeds of change?  In what ways can you listen even deeper to the calls of the people who will walk, seven generations from now, upon this most precious and beloved Earth?