Event – Changing Planet, Changing Lives, Sept 2-5, 2011


We stand before a great storm.  When we embrace it with our whole selves, we journey to the heights of our own consciousness and act as a beacon for ourselves and others. How will we stand and meet our rapidly changing planet? How will we cope with deep shifts in our climate and major societal changes? What role will community play in our lives, as together we face the “creative stress” ahead?

 Come explore with us some powerful tools for “welcoming the uncertainty” of a future unknown. Join us for this powerful Labor day weekend journey of discovery on beautiful Beaver Island. Together we’ll touch deeply into our inner skills for personal and planetary resilience.

This is an experiential workshop that will help us awaken to our instinct, insight, and intuition.  It will help us sit within the fullness of our hearts during this time of great uncertainty, to call forth our own gifts and open to join with others on our journey.

  • Tap into personal and planetary wisdom and courage. 
  • Improve relationships with self, community, and the whole web of life. 
  • Find inner strength to open to the crisis on the planet
  • Listen to our core center and to the deeper wisdom that calls us from Earth herself.
  • Feel empowered and delighted to share personal gifts and medicine for this world.


Click here for registration details:  http://users.ameritech.net/jjkells/registration.htm

Meet the People for “Changing Planet, Changing Lives”:

DIANE OSBORNE – Visionary Activist, Social Healer, Bridge-Builder, and Seer – Diane Osborne adventures into the realm of healing and transformation, teaching new and ancient spirit-based wisdom to inspire authentic hope, trust, love, and connection with the sacredness among all life on the planet.  As a healing facilitator, experienced in many modalities (shamanism, nutrition, energy medicine, counseling, sustainability, deep ecology, peace-making, and ceremony) and having helped thousands of people, Diane has a unique capacity to mirror the poetry of our human experience.  Currently a PhD. Candidate with Wisdom University, she teaches tools that inspire us during this great time of change, fostering a sense of co-creatorship with all of life.  For more information please visit her website:  www.vibranttraditions.com

LISA FRANSEEN – Ecotherapist, bioneer, and scholar of deep ecology – Lisa’s deepest passion and life-calling is to help build more resilient communities by guiding us within. That inner guidance enables us to hear and respond to our deepest callings – and through our relationship with the natural world – to our home and our heart of compassion. Lisa is an activist for the Soul, as well as for environmental and social justice.  Her own daily practices help to reveal the interconnectedness and interdependence of all living things of the world.  Lisa earned her PhD in psychology in 1996 and provides counseling in her private practice to teens, adults, and couples, seven years in Colorado and the last seven in Traverse City, Michigan.  You can also find Lisa guiding silent retreats for the past five years, co- guiding wilderness vision quests, and offering workshops with an emphasis on experiential learning.  For more information please visit her website: www.lisafranseen.com


 SEAMUS NORGAARD – Peacemaker, life coach, professor, author, and activist. Seamus draws from a deep well of wisdom and kindness in his calling to nurture and uplift people, community and life. A deep ecologist by training, he is a passionate forest and peace advocate who blends people skills with a sacred earth-based native wisdom. Seamus is a strong carrier of the Celtic Spirit and lifeways. He has lived and studied with the native peoples of Ireland and the American West, and is the originator of the new shamanic movement meditations ‘Celtic Body Prayers.’ During the summers he hosts guest sojourners at his Tara’s Meadow Retreat Center on Beaver Island. During the winters he teaches innovative college courses and enjoys his quiet family wilderness home, the “School-on-the-Hill” near Wolverine Michigan. For more information please visit his website: www.CelticBodyPrayers.com


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