Event – Personal and Planetary Ecological Health – a Mystical Perspective


 Personal and Planetary Ecological Health – a Mystical Perspective  

 with Diane Osborne

Please join us for a special evening on Tuesday May 18, 2011 7-9pm at the Carnegie Building

How is our own life connected to the rest of the planet?  Is there a connection between our own health, other’s health and the health of the Earth? Is our rational mind enough to meet the global challenges we currently face? How can we live with so much uncertainty? This is an experiential workshop that will help us awaken to our instinct, insight, and intuition.  To help us sit within the fullness of our hearts during this time of great uncertainty.  To call forth our own gifts we have and to look around to see who is with us on this journey.  Drawing upon Diane’s own work as well as the work of Joanna Macy, Deborah Riverbend, Carolyn Myss, and others, this workshop is for those who want to:

  • Tap into personal and planetary wisdom and courage. 
  • Improve relationships with self, community, and the whole web of life. 
  • Find inner strength to open to the crisis on the planet
  • Feel empowered and delighted to share personal gifts and medicine for this world.


Diane Osborne is an adventurer into the realm of healing and transformation, exploring new and ancient spirit-based wisdom to inspire trust, love, and connection with the sacredness among all life on the planet.  As a healing facilitator, trained in many modalities (shamanism, nutrition, energy medicine, counseling, sustainability permaculture, deep ecology, plant spirit medicine, rites of passage, ceremony and facilitation) and having helped thousands of people, Diane has a unique capacity to mirror the poetry of our human experience.  Currently a PhD. Candidate with Wisdom University, she teaches tools that inspire us during this great time of change, fostering a sense of co-creatorship with all of life.  For more information please go to her website:  www.vibranttraditions.com

Tuesday May 18, 7-9pmCarnegie Building (Old Petoskey Library) 451 E. Mitchell St. Petoskey $10.00 Donation – Free Parking – All are welcome to attend – Bring a friend. For further information contact: Peggy- peggyt@chartermi.net 231-499-0224


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