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An Earth Day Blessing for Humanity

April 23, 2011

The deepening of winter

The creativity of spring

The blossoming of summer

The reserve of fall…

May we be like the seasons.

Stir in us

The courage

To reach our full ripening.

So that we may place ourselves

On the table

Of Earth’s harvest.

-Diane Osborne

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Event – 40 Days of Self Love

April 23, 2011

What nine months does for the embryo, forty early mornings will do for your growing awareness.  -Rumi

Many of us lead hectic lives, where we barely stop to honor ourselves. Some of us may even dislike or mistrust our bodies. What would happen if we treated our bodies as a sacred temple for 40 consecutive days?  The simple and profound answer is – we would love ourselves much more deeply.  Ancient and modern science tells us that if we can do anything for 40 days, we can change negative, self-sabotaging patterns into positive, self-loving ones.

On this ‘40 Days of Self Love’ voyage, we ask you to commit to a daily self-love practice.  We will meet three times as a group for support and sharing in a safe, loving and honoring container. Together we will explore, learn, grow, and play with the following:

  • Finding our individual self-love practice
  • Healing our thoughts and the biology of belief
  • Uncovering what gets in our way
  • Creating blessings, ceremony, and sacred containers for self-love
  • Honoring our sensuality – women’s bodies and the body myth
  • Bringing the sacred into our daily lives
  • Dancing as sacred movement

Cost – $150.00

40-day practice on your own: May 22 – June28

Days we meet as a group: Sunday May 22 – 10:00-4:00pm, Wednesday June 8 – 6:00-9:00pm, Wednesday June 28 – 6:00-9:00pm

Please bring journals, art supplies, a blanket and pillow to sit on the floor to be comfortable.