My 9/11 Dare

This is a dare! Mix it up I say… don’t let the dendrites of your brain calcify into too familiar trodden territory. Arise from the old field of hard edges and plant yourself in a new garden – the world awaits the fruits of your passion.

So… to you who are asleep at the wheel, wake up and listen – all of life is screaming in your ear to arise! Turn off the TV, sober up from the intoxication of spoon-fed half-truths. Reality unfolds under your very eyes if you would only notice. You have the heart. You have the courage to see truth – so wake up and pay attention. I dare you to deeply witness the world you live in.

And to you whose constant drone is only to say over and over “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” We have heard you… we are waking up… we are seeing truth. But you talk only of the rain and of the rising river… we want to hear also of the Arc and of the Bridge! Do you not know that a bird has many songs? One is of warning, yes – but the other is of the beauty of dawn, the beauty of becoming, the beauty of what will be and of what can be. To you I say, I dare you to sing another song.

And to you whose loyalties and affections end at the borders of this great Nation – can you not feel your brothers and sisters over the horizon? Are our lives more important than theirs that you cannot hear their cries, their pain, their loss, also? How can you be so blind to the hundreds of years of colonial Imperialism that has shaped the events of 10 years ago? Expand the reaches of your heart out beyond the red white and blue and grasp the pearl of healing that lies within our shared pain. Reach out your hands now because bridges are being built this very instant. I dare you to feel the triumphant joy of out-stretched hands and heart.

To you world leaders, your support of corporate growth through conquest, colonization, and consumption is on a collision course with the end of life as we know it. And so your happiness is a physiological impossibility. Soften your edges, humble down because real growth is conscious, connecting and respects the sacredness of all life. Try that suit on, I dare you!

To you my Muslim friends all over and in the Arab world, know my sadness for your loss – of brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers. Know my outrage of the lies that got us here. After 9/11, I found myself afraid, and I reached out to you and our friendship has brought me tears of deep healing. My hands are outstretched to build a human bridge, if you have not already done so, grab hold, I dare you! We have much to learn from one another.

To all of us I say – we are the gardeners who plant the seeds of what is yet to come into this world. We are also the conductors, generators, and visionaries who, like the sun, shine upon each other in a moment, and sprout instant seeds into being. Know it in your hearts and act on it every day – I dare you! This world needs your most genius, creative love now.


3 Responses to “My 9/11 Dare”

  1. Farhan Mir Says:

    Very sane thinking

  2. Lisa Says:

    Thank you!!!! Love you!!!!!

  3. Mira Says:

    Diane! Another great post! Reads like a Rumi poem, thank you.

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