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Prayer from the Temple of New Beginnings

December 21, 2012


I spent my morning witnessing the perfectly aligned, rising sun birthing itself through the central axis of the Temple of Karnak.  Many people were gathered, the scene was set to music, and a sense of awe and mystery was palpable in the air.  Today the new birth of the sun is even more extraordinary because it marks the time prophesied by nearly every indigenous culture from the Amazon to the Andes to the Himalayas to the Rockies.  It is a time when the Eagle and the Condor will fly together again.  Heart and intuition will come again into balance with the rational linear mind, northern and southern cultures will bridge, yin and yang will find their balance, the feminine voice of authority will join the side of the masculine in partnership.  It is a time of a grand new beginning and the Earth’s new positioning in the universe will afford us with great insights and access into the subtle realms.

This morning after the sun rose, I managed to find myself taken under the wing of an unusually quiet and gentle man who seemed to understand my need to sit quietly in meditation and prayer. We sat together for a while under an ancient tree, drank tea, and he explained that his father, his father’s father, his father’s father’s father, etc… all worked at this temple and had sat under this tree. I told him about how auspicious this day is – that it signifies a new beginning for our world.  We both agreed that all forms of prayer – no matter how different they may seem – share a reverence to the Source of All Love.   He brought me into secret chambers where no one else could go and left me in peace to pray and meditate alone which I spent the whole morning doing.  Perhaps it was no accident that I found myself in the temple dedicated to the protection of new life and new beginnings. 

Today I send out from my heart a prayer for this new life and new beginning. I pray that the wars and greed stop.  I pray that the masculine archetype yield and make room for its insightful partner – the feminine.  I pray for global balance and healing.  I pray for those walking with the wisdom of the feminine (both men and women) to step up now and share this medicine boldly on our planet.  I pray that people tread lightly upon this earth.  I pray that all will awaken to the joy of global kinship.  I pray that I shine in illuminated service to this world. 

Even as I know these times ahead may not be easy – we may be faced with great change and chaos, I am in a gentle state of peace as I carry the whole world inside my heart, loving as only a mother can.  We have great work to do.



No Greater Joy

December 5, 2012


Christian, Muslim, Jewish leaders come together in Jerusalem

What is it that gets us to move beyond our comfort zone and reach out to “other” to our sworn enemy, to the ones we have been taught to fear?  How many times does our history need to show us that there is no “bad” group of people before we actually take it in and believe it?  It wasn’t true about African Americans, Native Americans, Russians, etc… so logic would have it – it’s not true about Muslims, Arabs, etc… either.  I stopped telling people I was traveling to Egypt in the months leading up to my departure, because I was typically met with shock, looks of fear, and words of caution.  I had been having beautiful experiences talking to people in the Middle East for well over three years on a regular basis, but the fear of some insisted on sticking to the stereotypes put forth by the media.  Well here’s the revelation – I can’t think of any greater joy than the continual process of discovery of oneness, kinship and friendship with “the other” – especially with those people we have been taught to fear.  When the fear drops away, looking into the eyes of another, there is no greater freedom and joy than to feel trust and openness renewed.  This is part of my journey here in Egypt – I want to smash the stereotypes of both East and West one person at a time.

There are so many doing this work here in the Middle East – I get to witness their courage on a daily basis through Facebook posts.  I want to bring your attention to the work of a friend of mine, Aviva Lev-David.  I have worked with Aviva for many years through a transformative group process called Naka Ima.  Aviva expresses beautifully her journey living in Israel and the programming of fear toward her Palestinian neighbors.  She is one of the brave ones who chose to move out of her comfort zone and seek truth.  In the final phase of her PhD in depth psychology, she will bring Christian, Muslim, and Jewish women together to share their favorite places with each other in Jerusalem.  Aviva explores her own relationship to what feeling a sense of place and feeling a sense of home means to herself and to these women in a land full of conflict over these very concepts.  I feel this is important work and I urge you to go to her website and read about this journey, donate if you can, and share with your friends and family.  I can vision this journey becoming a book someday soon – I hope so!

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