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Eating Courage

March 30, 2013

radiation room with 6 inch thick doors


If I could eat energy, I would eat courage.
Fear is a fast food carb
High-glycemic junk food.
Courage is the veggies, the guacamole, the enchilada.
The whale. The Eskimo.
It is Crazy Horse defending his tribe.
It is Captain Pickard unflinching,
sailing the heavens.
It is love in it’s most open and freeing form.
It is the birth and the death that happens every second
of every moment
on this Earth.
Sometimes so tiny and insignificant
only the seers would ever notice.
But it’s always there:
a beginning and an end.
And the chapters in-between
that is up to you and me
To live it
To find our knees
To put one foot in front of the other
and walk through that door.
Not pushed, not stumbling, not even sliding.
It’s a choice, you see
You choose how you live your life
it does not just happen.
It’s a gift.
It’s a polisher.
It’s an initiation of your soul.
We are together in this.
But it is only our own knees
that will walk us
one step
at a time
through that door.
Take heart dear one – you really can do it.
You were born for it.
Let yourself be strengthened.
Let yourself be softened.
You were born for this.
Take in the love all around you
Feel your knees
And walk through that door.
-Diane Osborne