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Preciousness arises from shared vulnerability

July 8, 2013


I often lie in bed these days postponing my appointment with gravity.  Getting up and walking around is painful to my healing body and some mornings, especially rainy mornings like this one, I put it off as long as possible.  It always backfires on me because I inevitably am late and end up running around which makes me feel the creaks and groans of my body even more.  Getting into my car with arms and hands loaded down, I feel like a two year old who does not have full use of her faculties.  I experience myself hit that familiar wall of late, but this time instead of erupting into frustration, I simply take a deep breath and acknowledged my ‘still in process’ healing body.  I am not sure why I chose this way this morning perhaps it was feeling the earth drinking the much needed rain that softened me… I love the rain.  Perhaps it is because I have started to compare myself now – not with who I was before at my best, but who I was before at my worst.  This is an important trick to the “still in process” acutely healing body.

While driving to work I saw a turkey and her babies cross the road.  Their wild innocence struck a deep chord in me and touched my own vulnerability.  I felt a big shift – a profound realization of my own soft underbelly.  I was immediately struck with insight finally on how to handle an upcoming difficult conversation that I had been pouring over for months.  Now with the help of this turkey medicine I know what I will say.  I love this dance of vulnerability and strength… because strength with ego often wants to batten down the hatches, close down, and harden itself – a bad equation for clear communication.  Strength with vulnerability is what softens us in a more authentic sharing.  It is this true courage of the heart warrior that I believe has the potential to change our world.

I began to think of our world’s formative beliefs about what strength looks like – Darwin’s theory of Survival of the Fittest.  If we were put into a proper survival situation – say an island where we had to fend for ourselves against the elements, how many of us would survive?  I think many of us would not be fit or knowledgeable enough to make it.  Yet survival of the fittest has been extended to mean something else in our culture… it means that if I am smarter and more ruthless than you and I can outwit you, then I do not need to take responsibility for my actions.  I am “the fittest” even if I am fat and eating caviar on one of my five yachts I have from bankrupting the previous owners who were stupid enough not to see it coming.  I doubt the turkeys would agree with this smug assessment.  I think they know intrinsically that survival is not a solo event, that the cycle of life and death is a give and take of a whole community of life forms in balance.  One life form is not more important than any other, there is cooperation and there is competition for food – but it is simple and pure – not ruthless.  It is just part of the give and take – no animal thinks that its life is inherently more important than any other enough to create imbalance in the system.  No tree shades out its competitors for its own sense of superiority.  This is uniquely human small-mindedness and it expresses in many ways when we close our hearts instead of embracing our vulnerability.

We are at a pivotal moment in history called The Great Turning, which has been prophesized by many indigenous cultures including the Maya and Hopi. With our smug, ruthless small  mindedness, we are wiping out species, decimating forests, altering climate patterns, threatening our water, air and food supplies, brutally warring with one another, and generally ruining our planet for future generations… all the while thinking that we are the cleverest of beings!

 When we stop to truly consider the current state of our world, we cannot help but wonder at the immense vulnerability we share with all of existence. It is at this point where we are most capable of seeing just how vital and precious all within the web of life are, how each and every being brings unique purpose and meaning. Recognizing this, we allow our eyes to see the truth of the magnificence all around us. And it is here where we find our most inspired answers to the crisis at hand. Life’s purpose is its beauty, vibrancy and sprouting transformation. When we sit in this knowing, we realize our gift for growing greater consciousness and spiritual connection to the whole.