Authentic Heart Counseling

Partnering with Self

Healing Services  Counseling 2The goal of Authentic Heart Counseling is bringing our heart, intellect, and intuition into balance.  The foundation is pure acceptance and allowance as this is the only place where we can truly see and know our self.  Judging and shame blocks us from being authentic and free.  By accessing our heart we are able to create spaciousness and genuinely look within and at others in effective compassionate discernment, which then empowers us to truly change and heal.  Furthermore, when we free our heart, we are then able to co-create our life with the most effective feeling-based intentions and prayer.

 Through compassionate understanding, breath work, and emotional release work, I help you honor your emotional process, discover the places you are blocked, look at your beliefs, break up density patterns, change unhealthy patterns, let go of attachments that keep you from feeling free, balance your own heart and mind, hold vaster levels of consciousness, and come from a place of empowered co-creation with the rest of life. I also bring sensitivity and basic experience in working with trauma. My practice is rooted in a spiritual framework that focuses on personal and planetary healing and transformation and is not intended to be or to replace traditional psychotherapy.  However this work can be a wonderful compliment to traditional therapy. 

The basis of my counseling is from a practice called Naka Ima.  Naka Ima is based on Buddhist philosophy using dialogue, emotional release, understanding and choice to recognize our attachments and to let go, bringing us into right relationship with ourselves, one another  and the  planet. Through using our intellect, intuition, and heart, we are able to better know ourselves and others. In looking deeply within, we are better able to comprehend the condition of humanity. More than a framework of techniques, it is about building a structure within to be able to hold vaster levels of consciousness – moving away from denial and victim consciousness into adult, relational, mythic, and whole, vast consciousness.

Healing Services Counseling  I am surprised how many people advocate against feeling our feelings.  A firm and steady gaze within is an act of courage that can bring up uncomfortable emotions and past trauma and yet these feelings are the very doorway of discovery into a much deeper voyage within our self.  To go into them, honor them, feel them, sit with them, allow them, observe them, and be witnessed in them is a radically healing act that breaks up old density patterns.  If we give more spaciousness to this simple human tool, our emotions, we can soften even deeper into our pure being.  Constant allowance and acceptance of our emotional self is the foundation of mature love.  This love provides the inner framework for being with our whole self.  It is this level of love that turns the key and opens new doorways into powerfully healing transformation.

 We can also get stuck in self-feeding loops by over-identifying with our emotional cycles or by continuously carrying fear-based beliefs from the past into our current experiences.  When we consistently do this, we upset our natural state of well-being.  What we need is to let our emotions flow through us as they arise like a summer downpour, a thunderstorm in the spring, or a winter flurry.  Allowing for contraction and expansion is a natural part of life:  the tide does it, animals do it, trees do it and we as well need to honor our own seasons.  Balancing is essential: releasing our emotions, letting go of limiting beliefs and freeing our energy ultimately strengthens our capacity to sit in the vast truth of who we are.  This place resides in our hearts, which is the seat where co-creative manifestation springs forth.  For many years, I have been helping people touch into this powerful place of balanced heart and mind.


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  1. Lyn Talkovsky Says:

    Beautiful! Inspiring, healing to read. Wow!

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