Diane’s Personal History

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

 I grew up in Northern Michigan enriched by and listening to the sacred natural world around me.  I spent most of my time swimming in the magnificent lakes where so much water seeped into my bones that even those who know me best don’t see that I have five fire signs. I was born with an innate fiery thirst to learn and to know real truth, especially when it comes to our humanness. From a young age, I experimented with many forms of spirituality and finally allowed myself to trust in whatever brought me the most fulfillment, meaning, joy, and sense of union.

 I have had several initiations, which catalyzed me into studying my own and others’ healing processes.  One pivotal event occurred in 1999 when I dreamed I was stabbed in the middle of my chest by a being who occasionally appears in my dreams.  For the next five years I experienced pain inhibiting my movement, my breathing, and my sleep.  This incident established a direct link between my dream and my physical state and led me on a fervent and devoted study of the interrelationship among the spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies. I began to learn that the area of my body that hurt had a name: a heart chakra, and that if I worked on it energetically, I felt immense relief.  I discovered if I created allowance and spaciousness for my feelings, I was able to release them faster and move on.   I found that by bringing my awareness to my beliefs and letting go of my attachments, I experienced a sense of freedom and balance. I empowered myself with knowledge of nutrition to heal and strengthen my body.  And I found out that by connecting with the natural world around me, I had access to considerable insight and healing.  And most importantly I became aware that we are primarily energetic, vibrational beings connected to and in relationship with the rest of life.

 I have recently moved back to Northern Michigan and am currently working towards my PhD in Social Healing.


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