Healing Philosophy

Healing Services Philosophy HorseHealing is an adventure and an exploration into the profound and potent places of the self. As a guide into these realms, I bring a capacity for sharp perception, deep listening, and truth speaking, all of which are conveyed with sensitivity, gentleness, and in the spirit of partnership and collaboration.  By attuning to and mirroring the poetry of the human experience, I help people remember their sense of “home” within.  Having supported over one thousand people, my clients report feeling clearer, freer, more inspired and at peace after our sessions together.  Combining Intuitive Healing, Authentic Heart Counseling, and Sustainable Nutrition, these offerings are appropriate for people who are seeking to gain tools to support themselves in transition, to have better alignment with self, others, spirit, Earth, and with their place in the world.

  In my work I have learned that there is no one single approach for healing to occur.  To embark on a healing journey is inherently a holistic adventure – an exploration that requires knowledge of the physical, emotional and energetic bodies.  All three are so interlinked; it is almost impossible to separate them.  For instance, I have seen clients with digestion issues who were energetically shut down due to consistent feelings of lack of safety. Once they were able to open themselves energetically and feel the protective power around them, they were finally able to absorb and digest nutrients from the food they ate.  I have also seen clients with depression who have spent years managing it with therapy or a spiritual practice.  And once they changed their diet and took the right supplements, they no longer suffered from chronic mood issues.  And so the work I offer is a unique combination of the following three areas: Intuition Healing, Authentic Heart Counseling, and Sustainable Nutrition.


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