Intuition Healing

Partnering with Spirit

Healing Services Intuitive Healing 2Intuition Healing uses a heightened sense of perception to observe areas in the energy and physical bodies where healing is needed.  Intuition is a very special and powerful skill that everyone has the ability to cultivate – doing so facilitates vast insight and understanding.  Focusing only on emotional or physical health does not always bring about complete healing.  Often what is needed is a conscious updating of the subtle energy systems.  Recognizing that all matter is made of energy, and working with consciousness that is all around, allows information and healing to occur in limitless and abundant ways.

 I work with clients in person or over the phone using my intuition to access information and energy medicine that is specifically appropriate for what is present.  I perceive very colorful and meaningful metaphors as a way of capturing the essence of what is happening.  Because most of us cannot see energy, these metaphors help people affirm what is going on in the body and to experience healing.  These healings can take place over any distance because the energy-based quantum field is not bound by time or space.  These healings are not intended to take the place of a doctor’s care, but rather to enhance holistic healing of mind, body, and spirit.  Often people report feeling more clear, relaxed, and more themselves after a session.


Healing Services Intuitive Healing My intention in our sessions is to serve your highest good, to hold our work together as sacred and confidential, to see and clear obstructions, to catalyze your growth and healing, and to develop your own intuition.  These intentions, along with setting a sacred container, enable you to glimpse your magnificence even if you come in with dense energy patterns. This spark of remembering your pure self is a potent healing act that creates an energetic framework to expand your consciousness.  This expanded pure-being vibrancy has the power to extend beyond you and positively affect the world around you.


2 Responses to “Intuition Healing”

  1. Annie Read Says:

    Hello Diane,
    I am trying to find a way of expressing myself in this world not outside of who I currently am, but in addition too. Something that
    makes me feel good and helps me to express a deeper part of myself. Maybe a career for myself that matches how I have been designed. Does that make sense? Is that something you do?
    If so, what would that cost?
    Thank you, Annie

    • vibranttraditions Says:

      Anne, Yes, that is work I do on an energetic and intuitive level – where I access information for you as well as teach tools to heighten your own awareness on these levels. Remembering who we are and offering this gift to the world is an important and beautiful journey I would love to help guide and co-create with you. Feel free to look over my website for more information including pricing at You may also call me at 231-881-4040.

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