An Earth Day Blessing for Humanity

April 23, 2011

The deepening of winter

The creativity of spring

The blossoming of summer

The reserve of fall…

May we be like the seasons.

Stir in us

The courage

To reach our full ripening.

So that we may place ourselves

On the table

Of Earth’s harvest.

-Diane Osborne

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Event – 40 Days of Self Love

April 23, 2011

What nine months does for the embryo, forty early mornings will do for your growing awareness.  -Rumi

Many of us lead hectic lives, where we barely stop to honor ourselves. Some of us may even dislike or mistrust our bodies. What would happen if we treated our bodies as a sacred temple for 40 consecutive days?  The simple and profound answer is – we would love ourselves much more deeply.  Ancient and modern science tells us that if we can do anything for 40 days, we can change negative, self-sabotaging patterns into positive, self-loving ones.

On this ‘40 Days of Self Love’ voyage, we ask you to commit to a daily self-love practice.  We will meet three times as a group for support and sharing in a safe, loving and honoring container. Together we will explore, learn, grow, and play with the following:

  • Finding our individual self-love practice
  • Healing our thoughts and the biology of belief
  • Uncovering what gets in our way
  • Creating blessings, ceremony, and sacred containers for self-love
  • Honoring our sensuality – women’s bodies and the body myth
  • Bringing the sacred into our daily lives
  • Dancing as sacred movement

Cost – $150.00

40-day practice on your own: May 22 – June28

Days we meet as a group: Sunday May 22 – 10:00-4:00pm, Wednesday June 8 – 6:00-9:00pm, Wednesday June 28 – 6:00-9:00pm

Please bring journals, art supplies, a blanket and pillow to sit on the floor to be comfortable.

Event – Changing Planet, Changing Lives, Sept 2-5, 2011

March 28, 2011


We stand before a great storm.  When we embrace it with our whole selves, we journey to the heights of our own consciousness and act as a beacon for ourselves and others. How will we stand and meet our rapidly changing planet? How will we cope with deep shifts in our climate and major societal changes? What role will community play in our lives, as together we face the “creative stress” ahead?

 Come explore with us some powerful tools for “welcoming the uncertainty” of a future unknown. Join us for this powerful Labor day weekend journey of discovery on beautiful Beaver Island. Together we’ll touch deeply into our inner skills for personal and planetary resilience.

This is an experiential workshop that will help us awaken to our instinct, insight, and intuition.  It will help us sit within the fullness of our hearts during this time of great uncertainty, to call forth our own gifts and open to join with others on our journey.

  • Tap into personal and planetary wisdom and courage. 
  • Improve relationships with self, community, and the whole web of life. 
  • Find inner strength to open to the crisis on the planet
  • Listen to our core center and to the deeper wisdom that calls us from Earth herself.
  • Feel empowered and delighted to share personal gifts and medicine for this world.


Click here for registration details:

Meet the People for “Changing Planet, Changing Lives”:

DIANE OSBORNE – Visionary Activist, Social Healer, Bridge-Builder, and Seer – Diane Osborne adventures into the realm of healing and transformation, teaching new and ancient spirit-based wisdom to inspire authentic hope, trust, love, and connection with the sacredness among all life on the planet.  As a healing facilitator, experienced in many modalities (shamanism, nutrition, energy medicine, counseling, sustainability, deep ecology, peace-making, and ceremony) and having helped thousands of people, Diane has a unique capacity to mirror the poetry of our human experience.  Currently a PhD. Candidate with Wisdom University, she teaches tools that inspire us during this great time of change, fostering a sense of co-creatorship with all of life.  For more information please visit her website:

LISA FRANSEEN – Ecotherapist, bioneer, and scholar of deep ecology – Lisa’s deepest passion and life-calling is to help build more resilient communities by guiding us within. That inner guidance enables us to hear and respond to our deepest callings – and through our relationship with the natural world – to our home and our heart of compassion. Lisa is an activist for the Soul, as well as for environmental and social justice.  Her own daily practices help to reveal the interconnectedness and interdependence of all living things of the world.  Lisa earned her PhD in psychology in 1996 and provides counseling in her private practice to teens, adults, and couples, seven years in Colorado and the last seven in Traverse City, Michigan.  You can also find Lisa guiding silent retreats for the past five years, co- guiding wilderness vision quests, and offering workshops with an emphasis on experiential learning.  For more information please visit her website:


 SEAMUS NORGAARD – Peacemaker, life coach, professor, author, and activist. Seamus draws from a deep well of wisdom and kindness in his calling to nurture and uplift people, community and life. A deep ecologist by training, he is a passionate forest and peace advocate who blends people skills with a sacred earth-based native wisdom. Seamus is a strong carrier of the Celtic Spirit and lifeways. He has lived and studied with the native peoples of Ireland and the American West, and is the originator of the new shamanic movement meditations ‘Celtic Body Prayers.’ During the summers he hosts guest sojourners at his Tara’s Meadow Retreat Center on Beaver Island. During the winters he teaches innovative college courses and enjoys his quiet family wilderness home, the “School-on-the-Hill” near Wolverine Michigan. For more information please visit his website:

Event – Personal and Planetary Ecological Health – a Mystical Perspective

March 28, 2011


 Personal and Planetary Ecological Health – a Mystical Perspective  

 with Diane Osborne

Please join us for a special evening on Tuesday May 18, 2011 7-9pm at the Carnegie Building

How is our own life connected to the rest of the planet?  Is there a connection between our own health, other’s health and the health of the Earth? Is our rational mind enough to meet the global challenges we currently face? How can we live with so much uncertainty? This is an experiential workshop that will help us awaken to our instinct, insight, and intuition.  To help us sit within the fullness of our hearts during this time of great uncertainty.  To call forth our own gifts we have and to look around to see who is with us on this journey.  Drawing upon Diane’s own work as well as the work of Joanna Macy, Deborah Riverbend, Carolyn Myss, and others, this workshop is for those who want to:

  • Tap into personal and planetary wisdom and courage. 
  • Improve relationships with self, community, and the whole web of life. 
  • Find inner strength to open to the crisis on the planet
  • Feel empowered and delighted to share personal gifts and medicine for this world.


Diane Osborne is an adventurer into the realm of healing and transformation, exploring new and ancient spirit-based wisdom to inspire trust, love, and connection with the sacredness among all life on the planet.  As a healing facilitator, trained in many modalities (shamanism, nutrition, energy medicine, counseling, sustainability permaculture, deep ecology, plant spirit medicine, rites of passage, ceremony and facilitation) and having helped thousands of people, Diane has a unique capacity to mirror the poetry of our human experience.  Currently a PhD. Candidate with Wisdom University, she teaches tools that inspire us during this great time of change, fostering a sense of co-creatorship with all of life.  For more information please go to her website:

Tuesday May 18, 7-9pmCarnegie Building (Old Petoskey Library) 451 E. Mitchell St. Petoskey $10.00 Donation – Free Parking – All are welcome to attend – Bring a friend. For further information contact: Peggy- 231-499-0224

Fear in Times of Upheaval

March 17, 2011

My visit to California is almost over at this time of earthquakes, tsunamis, and radioactive fallout.  My heart has deepened in the knowing of the power these events hold, to affect the lives of my beloved friends who live here.  Having prepared for this time of great upheaval, but accustomed to witnessing the devastation of distant lands, it is now finally hitting closer to home.

Fear is a funny thing – it can creep up on us or hit us like a wildfire raging out of control.  I have watched my friends and their varied reactions to the potential repercussions of the recent disasters. Some are packing and leaving California, some are stocking up on iodine and kelp, some are adamant they will stay, some are preparing earthquake kits, and some have given very little thought that they could be impacted at all.  I have watched within myself a creeping fear that can grow and subside like the tides or consume me like a tidal wave as I say my goodbyes to loved ones. I am witnessing how fear is contagious – the capacity we have to affect each other in our fear.  Today, I was told by a friend that I was “committing suicide” by staying here in California for two more days.  His sentiments hit me in the pit of my stomach; I sensed a shrinking in my heart as my body began spinning like a top off-center – this is what fear does.

The emotions we carry are intricately connected within the web of life.  I can feel inside my energy body when serious global events happen.  For instance with the Japanese tsunami, Egyptian revolution, and the Haiti Earthquake – I felt a definite shift in my energy field even before I knew consciously what was happening.  Our emotional power is further evidenced by satellites that were able to measure significant fluctuations in the Earth’s electro-magnetic field right at the moment the towers were hit on September 11th.  We are made of energy and our emotional selves have influence.

But how do we sit with our fears and face our rapidly changing planet? The insecurities we face are unprecedented: the magnetic poles are shifting, massive earthquakes are dramatically increasing in frequency, the arctic is melting, and our ecosystems are rapidly changing. As I was thinking of all of this on a walk today in the Berkeley hills, I became acutely aware of many overlaying realities. One, I have a part of me that deeply experiences grief, pain, anger, and fear.  Two, I have a pure still center where I feel fully alive.  Three, nature is beautiful perfection that supports me in finding myself and my connection to everything. There it is – the complete unpolluted truth of my whole self.  When I resource my full self in this way, I am centered, focused, and experiencing my complete capacity for aliveness.  And when I am solely identified with my fearful self, I become my own mini nuclear power plant in meltdown – radiating panic to the collective that we are all a part of.

One of the things I believe we are here to do as we journey through our lives is to help each other grow in our humanity and capacity to be better bearers of love in this world. When fear takes hold of us, it is a moment we are being called upon to engage our imagination in more positive creative ways.  All of life needs us now to stand as one collective – breathing, meditating, dancing, singing, praying, creating, visioning… Vision us now working together outside our national boundaries.  Vision our global community coming together to create a better world.  Do not invest your light in fear of a world that is changing – our world needs changing!  Allow, surrender, let go, find hope and peace within – like compost that nourishes planted seeds and flowers into abundant gardens.  We choose in each moment to create heaven on earth.  The authority we have – our true influence – is our mastery over this choice.

Anne, who is in Japan now, experiencing devastation all around her, reveals her own mastery.  “Living fully on the level of instinct, of intuition, of caring, of what is needed for survival, not just of me, but of the entire group. Other unexpected touches of beauty are first, the silence at night. No cars. And the heavens at night are scattered with stars. I usually can see about two, but now the whole sky is filled. Somehow at this time I realize from direct experience that there is indeed an enormous Cosmic evolutionary step that is occurring all over the world right at this moment. And somehow as I experience the events happening now in Japan, I can feel my heart opening very wide. My brother asked me if I felt so small because of all that is happening. I don’t. Rather, I feel as part of something happening that much larger than myself. This wave of birthing (worldwide) is hard, and yet magnificent.”

Anne has not chosen fear, she has allowed herself to be broken open and therefore to experience magnificence. We are receiving this mirror from literally all parts of our globe: the Egyptians, Tunisians, Jordanians, Wisconsinites, Libyans, and now the Japanese. Do you see the strong spirit of these people?  Do you see the strong spirit of the land? We can draw upon this courage because it is officially no longer a secret – we are made of exactly the same substance!!!  The truth is out, the revolution has begun, and we can no longer hide from our capacity for magnificence. Choose to summon it from inside you – your light to share with the world. As we journey through this time of The Great Unraveling, The Great Turning, we unearth the truth within us – that we are BOTH wounded and unbreakable. And just like the trees of a forest whose roots descend downward into the force of gravity to establish strength, we too connect ourselves to the unseen forces and surrender towards our collective illuminated grace. As creative and adaptable beings, we may not survive to see our visions fully lived but we are here to bear witness to the dismantling of the old and laying the groundwork for the new garden – it may not be bearing fruit as we leave this earth, but it is germinating none the less – if only in our own hearts.

What Americans can learn from the Egyptians

January 30, 2011

Egyptian Uprising Jan 25, 2011

Quote from a head of a major agribusiness corporation:

 “What limits all so-called spiritual seekers and activists that I meet is that they both shy away from the full realization of the power of the dark.  The seekers I meet are, frankly, bliss bunnies.  About as useful in the real world as a rubber ball would be in a war.  The activists I know enjoy denouncing others but aren’t at all in the business of unmasking their own destructiveness, or the self-destructiveness of their dreary and banal self-righteousness.  The bliss-bunny hood of seekers and the offensive self-righteousness of activists make it very easy for people like me to control the world”.  (Andrew Harvey, The Hope, p. 174-5) 

This exact quote has been my primary motivation ever since I read it for the first time one year ago. I was catalyzed by this statement because I resonate with both categories: the spiritual bliss bunny – happily naive about the world as well as the self-righteous activist – with fingers pointing outward.  I was alarmed to learn that someone smarter than me actually counted on these reactions to help them achieve their destructive goal. Even more alarming was that the more I looked around me at what people were doing to create change, the more I saw people falling into these two categories, being manipulated and helping the very paradigm they are against. Our ability to deny what is happening in the world has reached epic pathological proportions. We are in one of the most important periods of history and most of us are not paying attention because it upsets our comfort level. For instance, most of us here in the US, have no idea the levels of torture the Egyptians face, that “Made in USA” is written on every tear gas canister fired, and that our government knowingly supports with generous financial incentives, a regime that makes the Mafia look like a walk in the park.

 So I say to all of you bliss bunnies out there and to all of you activists: authentic hope can only come from having faced with full realization the capacity the dark has to bring us to our knees.  Feeling our fragility, allowing our hearts to break and surrendering to healing is what guides us to our strength and ultimately to deeper love.  Egypt has won our hearts right now because they comprehend this in their very bones.  They have found a way to bring their anger and mix it with their love – this is the fierce passion we are falling in love with. Their connection to their courage is pure because they no longer empower that external force, and instead they have used it to transform themselves in embracing the part inside that is unbreakable. The pureness of this act is contagious, firing inspiration in each other and in all of us.

When we are not fully aware of what is happening around us, then we cannot create true spiritual peace, nor can we ever rise up in a way effective enough to create true change.  We have officially surrendered any responsibility, we don’t need to take personal or collective action, and therefore we have rendered ourselves completely impotent.  There is much change happening in our world right now.  It is an exciting time to be alive.  In what ways can you open your eyes to the truth in our world more than you have?  In what way can you find that empowered place within that knows how to plant, grow, and nurture the seeds of change?  In what ways can you listen even deeper to the calls of the people who will walk, seven generations from now, upon this most precious and beloved Earth?

Breath as my Teacher

May 16, 2010

Breath is both our first and last experience in life.  A delightfully important teacher for me in my day to day life, breath connects me more deeply with myself and to the world.  I awoke recently with the words “breath is a life force”.   As I looked at the indigenous origins of the word ‘breath’, a wonderful pattern started to emerge.  Here are a few examples that I found where breath, life force, and spirit are connected within the same word: ‘Prana’ – India, ‘Ruach’ – Hebrew, ‘Ruha’ – Aramaic, ‘Qi’ – China, ‘Ha’ – Hawaiian, ‘Spiritus’ – Latin, ‘Pneuma’ – Greek , ‘Gast’ – Anglo Saxon, ‘Ik’ – Mayan, ‘Woniya Wakan’ – Lakota, and ‘Oenikika’ – Cree.

In his book, The Hidden Gospel, Neil Douglas-Klotz introduces the concept of ‘Holy Breath’.   “We cannot, of course, forget to breathe.  We can, however, fail to breathe with a sense of connection to other people and our surroundings.  Our current Western culture does not, in fact, encourage us to be aware of our breathing communion with our surroundings.  If it did, we would probably have quite a different world than we have today.  Yet we can learn to heal our relationships through a deeper experience of breathing.” The Aramaic word ‘ruha’ means spirit, wind, air, and breath.  So the non-ordinary world of ‘spirit’ at its roots is coupled with the physical phenomenon of wind, air, and breath.

On a recent trip to Orkney, I was blessed with winds unlike I have never experienced.  When I picked up my foot, it was the wind that decided where my next step would be.  I learned a lot about breath, spirit and life-force from the wind there.  I discovered a vigor inside of me that that my body rose to meet within the wind.  I was more alive and at peace with my lungs full of the North Sea mist. I could feel myself absorbing nutrients through my skin directly from the sun, rain, and wind.   Wind taught me the place where ordinary and non-ordinary realities meet and that the forces of nature are something not only to be felt into, but also something to extend myself out towards – to meet and to be met. And my attention to my breath continued to inspire me to extend myself – to share even more of myself with the world.  

What does it meant to have “conscious breath”?  How do we translate our own rise and fall of our chest and abdomen, our own inhale and exhale, as a sacred act? I can look at my Buddhist-based practice, Naka-ima, which means ‘inside of now’, where I use my breath to clear stuck energy and attachments.  I am amazed how breath helps me to let go of that which keeps me dense and grasping, sometimes transforming myself within seconds, into a more free and liberated place of peace and connectedness.  I can also look to my own body as an organism connected to other larger organisms. My own respiratory system breathes and participates within a much larger respiratory system of the Earth. My own health of my breath participates in producing carbon dioxide for plants and trees to inhale, who in turn create oxygen for me.  Together, all breathing beings: humans, plants, animals help to make the atmosphere around the earth.  My breath participates in the cycle of life. It transcends time and connects us over time. I breathe the air my ancestors breathed as they were migrating 40,000 years ago across Saudi Arabia and future generations will be connected to me through this breath I am taking right now.   I breathe the air of the whale spout that has dived thousands of feet deep in the ocean as the moon’s cycle controls the inhale and exhale of the ocean’s tides.  

 Bringing awareness to my breath has helped me to move away from self conscious alertness into more heightened perception of life around me.  I have begun to see things not just as matter but as systems and systems within systems.  I feel it in my body and sense it all around me – everything is in relationship. We are all connected.  Breath has helped me to know the rightness and perfection of each moment. The task is to let such aliveness in, and so breath remains a teacher for me to learn how to expand into the fullness of each moment even more and therefore learn how to hold greater levels of joy.

Remember who you are – a love poem for myself

February 14, 2010

I realize I am the cedar wood log there – rich and damp with the tide of life.  I want to know her much more deeply.  I am that wet twisting log with knots and curls and concentric circles – layer upon layer – each year building my sense of every curve, every craig, every place where I have been torn.  These forgotten scars buried in the deep wood of my heart polished and molded by life’s experiences. In this moment, I am the lover. I am the healer.  I am the beloved I have been waiting for… I am the object of my lust, my love, my defiance, my pain, my anger, my forgiveness, my freedom. 

 And so I deliciously devour myself… and it is like coming home… and I cannot get enough.  I remember now those moments I gave my love so freely with this beautiful body to those who would not know the depth of me – all the love my body can yield.  And I think, Diane, you are a living goddess through and through.  Carrying the collective feminine in your belly, you take it to bed, birth it, transform it, release it, you never give up. You still love immeasurably the whole universe germinating inside of you.

 I fall deeper and deeper in love with myself like falling into a huge bed of leaves with no ground.  Caught somewhere between heaven and earth, I hear the caressing whisper, “You are a most beloved divine pure being. You are made out of the waters of the heavens and the breath of angels.  You were such joy – a bright shiny beach ball – we laughed and played with until you floated away to your birth.  And that is the truth of how you came into this world, and that is the truth of your soul. Now you know who you are. Remember who you are… remember who you are”.

A Prayer for the Journey of my Life

January 13, 2010


A restless wind blows tonight

Wide awake I achingly wonder

How to help this challenged world?

Small in the hand of the creator

I ask

Tell me, what must I do?

My ancestors show me – I have weathered many great storms

Resilience passed down through the ages

I do not doubt my strength.

Small in the hand of god

I ask

Show me, what must I do?

Longing to be nursed with purpose

To ripple change across this beloved earth

I stare straight into the heart of the divine

Tell me how to use this one blessed body?

Show me how I sing a new creation into being

With the breath of life I bring.  

I pray

For guidance


What I came here to do.

– Diane Osborne

Only two more days until “a deal is signed”

December 16, 2009


This is another update from my friend who is in Copenhagen.  She includes some great sources to see what is actually happening since our main news media is not covering it accurately.  She also describes in a nutshell what is being proposed.  Please distribute this post widely about what is REALLY going on there.  We must pay attention, stay alert – so much is at stake.

Please note that a protest and vigil at the Danish Consulate will be held this Friday, December 18th at 4:30.  One California St, at Market St. (Embarcadero BART), San Francisco.  Bring candles and friends.

Dear all,
Firstly, let me tell you with relief that I am safe and sound, warm and dry at the home of a lovely Danish family who are kindly hosting me during my stay here.
I am safe, and have been pretty much all day (except when things got really out of hand) because I wore a fluo top announcing myself as interpreter. That, and feeling that I was not alone and that the work to be done was part of my Shambala Warrior mission, allowed me to support others and at one point negotiate with the police so that they would back down and stop the brutal violence they were displaying on totally peaceful protesters. It worked, and we were able to hold a People’s Assembly – not in the Bella Centre as we had intended, but outside on the road, which was a model of self-organising, horizontal meeting and exchange methods.
I want to thank you for all your messages of support. I have felt truly accompanied by you on this very difficult, gruelling day. But I am not done for tonight until I send out this information, as we are in a state of urgency, and with only two more days to go before all activists here return to our countries and “a deal is signed”, there is much at stake.
About the demo today: 4,000 people from the North and from the South, of all ages and social conditions, of all colours of the rainbow… samba players.. an army of clowns… we marched and were active in freezing temperatures and snow for 9 hours, we were totally peaceful from beginning to end, we protected each other, we united our voices… 
We were beaten, pepper-sprayed, thrown around, arrested, terrorised with dogs… and I am humbled at the bravery that people showed all the way through.
Here is a link to some of the hardest moments of the day, to show you the level of courage and peaceful stance that people offered in all our names:
Around 400 people have been arrested today… added to key people of the movement who have been arrested over the last days and who will appear before Danish judges tomorrow morning in closed sessions… Perhaps some more people who have stepped up today will also be taken… but the movement is growing stronger and more united as we realise that “they” are scared, because we are speaking truths that are truly inconvenient, and the only thing they can resort to is violence, unjustified arrests, confiscating materials (we had to carry out the whole action having lost the truck that had the better sound system and without the army of cyclists who were meant to protect us by surrounding us)… They need to silence us, our voices are too dangerous to their dirty intentions.
Meanwhile, inside the Bella Center, 300 delegates (out of the very few from civil society who were even allowed in today) marched all around the inside of  Bella Centre shouting slogans and then marched out from inside to join us outside for the People’s Assembly. The police promised they would allow them to do so… and then beat them up and gassed them!!! Here is another short vid:
A huge achievement was made inside also by 2 delegates who, in the middle of the main plenary session of the morning, jumped up, grabbed the microphone and shouted that the talks are hijacked by the corporations, that we need real solutions to real problems, and a bunch of other messages… and guess what! A good deal of the people there clapped for ages!!! They may be working for governments and corporations that issue them mandates, but they are also personally disgusted!!!
For a ten minute explanation going a bit further into the day and the reasons behind it, watch the very excellent Democracy Now on this link:
Regarding democracy… they have picked up activists here and there, arresting them for no reason and “disappearing” them – people have been picked up by police from the places where they are staying, from the demos or from the street in broad daylight, and some are still missing. Is this what “democracy” now looks like??
Here is another site with lots of detail and accounts that are being done by a couple of lovely Canadian ladies who marched next to me today:
Regarding the negotiations, and with the activists safely out of the way (those who were accredited and who protested today will not be allowed back in), they have done some of the worst things they could possibly do – they have included agriculture and forestry into the deal by:
  • establishing that the carbon emission limitation strategy will focus on carbon sequestration, including specifically three things: no-till industrial agriculture with OGMs, biochar and biomass
  • proposing that monoculture “forests” be considered as carbon sinks: that means that palm oil or jatropha monoculture plantations will be subsidized AND be given carbon credits!
  • 70% of the planned “reductions” in emissions will come from projects carried out in the South (eg. monoculture forests, agrofuels or GM crops)
  • new “renewable” energies will be promoted as Clean Develpment Mechanisms (CDMs, which means permits and subsidies): “clean” coal, biochar and biomass, and no-till soya
(the following is a great resource for detailed info about the perils of these approaches: – but in a nutshell as an expert here has put it: “converting the global biosphere into mono-plantations is a short-cut to suicide”)
Plus all of these plans would cause appropriation of more than 1.5 billion hectares of mainly indigenous and peasant land all over the world… 1.5 times the size of India!!! In the name of protecting the climate!
They have hijacked the talks, and two days before Obama arrives and everyone is pressured to “sign the deal” (and with civil society pretty much out of the talks completely and poor countries being bullied and silenced) they have introduced the measures that experts and civil society have been trying to fight off for months and years!!!
Friends, I ask you to send this out, blog it, Facebook it…. The hundreds of activists who are organising the actions are planning the next couple of days, and although we are tired and we are fewer as the days go by, we are determined…. and the world’s support is crucial. “They” need to be told that we are awake and we can see through their lies!
Actions in the streets and especially information in the media of other countries are very important. Also very important to us here on the ground is support to those detained, so thanks for calling your Danish embassies to those who have (Canada is already writing a draft to include all the complaints they have received – Amanda, you rock!). This kind of policing and silencing is what we can expect in the future everywhere if we do not demand a firm stop to it NOW. Let the Danish and also your own governments know that you are aware of what is going on here to activists, that you condemn the unjustified arrests and that you demand that all people are freed and charges dropped (like “attacking a police officer” or “inciting violence”, which are serious crimes here).
Wishing you were all here, and knowing that you are in spirit, I say goodnight – and be awake when you are not sleeping!