Sustainable Nutrition

Partnering with Earth

Healing Services Nutrition 2What you eat builds who you are: creating cells, tissue, muscles, hormones, brain chemicals, etc.  Making appropriate food choices can be difficult when our lifestyles are fast and when cravings are involved.  Assessing nutritional deficiencies and stresses that contribute to dysfunction and chronic illness is part of my expertise.  This includes: addiction, eating disorders, fatigue, depression, hormonal imbalances, allergies, blood sugar issues, cravings and digestion issues.  I have advised hundreds of clients on appropriate food, supplement, herb and lifestyle choices that are easy to implement and that promote vitality, emphasizing the connection of our own health with that of Earth. 


Healing Services NutritionSpending years watching clients swallow loads of supplements to which they feel no particular connection, and whose outcomes resulted in varying degrees of success, has been illuminating.  Some of the supplements even included things that were harvested or made in ways that were harmful to other life. Encouraging organic and local food, growing our own food and avoiding packaged foods and toxic products are some good solutions.  Yet to take it even one step further: the biggest keystone in sustainable nutrition is truly connecting with and honoring what we are digesting – considering our own bodies as part of a whole system interlinked with all of life on Earth. Not only humans, but plants and animals also draw energy from the universe, creating unique expressions and ways of interacting.  To connect with them in this way, realizing their energetic properties while ingesting them, is where the true magic lies.  Slowing down, connecting, listening, acknowledging our partnership with the life we ingest, exponentially heightens their potency within us.  Ancient shamanic cultures have known this for centuries and lived in harmonious relationship within the sacred web of life.  By talking about these things and promoting awareness of our connection to plants, animals, and Earth, I encourage clients to adopt new ways of being that honor the sacredness of all life, therefore enhancing the health of the whole planet.


One Response to “Sustainable Nutrition”

  1. Talia E Green Says:

    Love the work you’re doing here. I plan on staying tuned in!
    Feel free to check out my blog as well! We sustainable nutrition supports have to stick together!
    Talia E Green

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